Thursday, 28 February 2013

Short Holiday Hairstyles 2013

Short Holiday Hairstyles 2013

Short Holiday Hairstyles 2013: Pulling your hat and hiding all those locks under it might not be the best solution to look voguish during the cold season. Instead why not adopt one of the cool hat hair styles for winter that would save you from faux pas and hair disasters. Pair the right headwear with your do and bring out the most of your unique fashion sense. These are some of the pro ideas on how to embrace the hat hair trend with art.

In order to stay chic all throughout the winter months it would be wise to arm up with the cute hair styles that can be easily matched with the on trend headwear designs. Choose the best do that suits your features and helps you achieve either an edgy or romantic look. Depending on the tailoring of the hats be it sharp angled or smooth and soft all will scream for a well-defined do. Therefore make sure you upgrade your locks to the latest hair styling trends and use your creativity to make the best of your already smashing haircut. These are some of the dapper hats and the matching hairdos to experiment with during the upcoming season Short Holiday Hairstyles.

Beanie Hair Styles
The soft and comfy texture of beanies allow us to sport the most natural looks. Therefore if you decided to complement your do with a chic bangs designs make sure you don't hide it under the hat. Instead set the hat back and make sure you either leave the locks to sweep your eyebrows or you can also sport a cute swept-to-the-side bangs look.

Short Holiday Hairstyles 2013: On the other hand those who own a uniform layers or a bang free hairdo, can sport their locks wavy in a super-polished or on the contrary messy and grungy style. Choose one of the alternatives and more, you can also tie your locks into a cute updo and leave a few flyaway and relaxed tresses to peek out. In this case you can place the beanies wherever you wish to create the desired effect.

Trapper and Aviator Hats
It is a common misconception that these stylish headwear designs work only with long hair. Instead take a closer look at the examples above and you'll notice that short hair looks just as fabulous if you have the must have accessory, the bangs. This tiny detail when flashed in the same ensemble with these cute hats will make a smashing style statement. Moreover midi haircuts will also look fabulous even in spite of the fact that some aviators might mask most of the do. Play up your feminine allure with these must try fashion trends and make sure you combine them with your polished haircut.

Fedora Hair Styles
One of the masculine-inspired chic accessories, the fedora will help you create a fabulous and flirty look. Play with the length of your hair and make sure you appeal to the various hair styling tricks to achieve a memorable visual effect. Those who have midi to long hair will have the chance to sport stylish curls and waves in order to make the look even more sensuous. In order to sport a low key and relaxed Boho chic do make sure you leave the tresses free flowing on your shoulder.

Short Holiday Hairstyles 2013: More, you can also appeal to a fake Bob do which encourage you to pin a few locks to the head and leave some strands in the front to make the actual statement. On the other hand if you like to wear your locks polished and sleek you can also sweep the strands to the side and place the fedora lower in order to bring out the best of your do. Those who have short hair can also enjoy the pleasure of wearing stylish fedoras in the similar way as the examples shows.

Simple Holiday Hairstyles 2013

Simple Holiday Hairstyles 2013

Simple Holiday Hairstyles 2013: Embrace your natural beauty for spring/summer 2013 whether we are talking about straight or curly hair. Silky, smooth, healthy, tousled locks are perfect for a sweet and chic look, while sexy waves are a great way of spicing up your long hair by adding a bouncy texture. Besides, ponytails, chignons, top knots, braids and the already famous slicked-back hair represent some of the hottest spring/summer 2013 hairstyles for long hair.

Natural, classic and elegant represent those timeless trends that will never go out of fashion. They are versatile and practical and allow you to make different hairstyles appropriate for various occasions.

Long, natural, free hair seems to be one of the hottest hairstyle trends for spring/summer 2013. A natural look for perfect holidays in the sun. This is one practical look for summer as it allows you to style your hair without giving the impression of trying too hard or being too sophisticated, but still be able to get a feminine hairstyle. Moreover, the 2011 warm season marks the comeback of the middle parting for long hair, a clear, straight parting for an almost flawless symmetry as spotted at Burberry Prorsum or D&G Simple Holiday Hairstyles.

As for the colors, the sun-kissed look is so hot even when it comes to your hair especially for long tresses. There are different versions for the natural-looking hair next season. You can go for the simple touch specific for summer and keep your hair as natural as possible, even messy, or you can opt for gentle waves or curls in order to add movement and volume as seen at Tommy Hilfiger or Anna Sui. On the other hand, for a super glamorous and sexy look you can choose to make beautiful, chic curls (John Richmond) and set the parting on one side (Sonia Rykiel) for a retro, feminine look.

There is no summer without the classic ponytail. A timeless choice that will never go out of style, the famous pony comes back season after season with newer versions, reinventing itself and adapting according to the trends. For spring/summer 2013, it comes in different stylish variants from the most simple, playful to retro-chic or elegant ones.

The ponytail is no longer a way to make your hair or a lifesaver on a bad hair day, but it can be chic, worn both for a daytime look or for an evening event. You can wear it at the nape of the neck with a lock of hair hiding the elastic band such as seen at Issey Miyake for a business meeting or with a backcombed effect such as spotted at Celine.

As summer is all about colors and youthful appearances, you can dare the girly ponytail with a fine French braid (Lacoste). For a bohemian look, try to add a colorful scarf at the base of the ponytail (Blugirl). This will instantaneously transform a simple, common hairstyle into something more elegant, yet feminine and romantic. When making a ponytail make sure the hair is smooth and straight by running your fingers through your hair. If you realize that the elastic band is too low, divide the pony in two and gently and simultaneously draw towards the sides. The ends should be parallel with your shoulders Simple Holiday Hairstyles.

Following the trends, hairstyles reinvent themselves every season based on different visions and ideas. However, despite every possible trend, elegance and femininity have always been “in”. The beautiful and the classic will never go out of style. And what better way to be elegant, classic, yet very modern than trying a chignon? Spring/summer 2013 brings so many different versions for every taste and style. The best two things about chignons are their amazing versatility and practicality. You can adapt a simple bun (Dolce & Gabbana, Diane von Furstenberg) to various outfits and events.

If what you want is something more classic and chic, you can go for a higher bun (Oscar de la Renta) that seems to flatter everyone. This is the symbol of the flawless elegance, a perfect option for a formal event that requires a sophisticated, feminine look. Make sure your hair is perfectly smooth and straight before making the bun. Another versatile bun is the one seen at Nina Ricci. Set at the nape of the neck with a slight effortless touch, this is the right option for romantic girls that want to emphasize their innocent and sweet character with the appropriate hairstyle.

Simple Holiday Hairstyles 2013: If you are more the playful type, a top knot will seduce you without any doubt. A quick and easy hairstyle you can make in an instant without too much effort. A youthful, messy top knot that seems to remind us of the fresh and soft look of a ballerina. It works great for both straight or curly hair adding high drama to a day or an evening outfit. For spring/summer 2013 forget the too-tight-to-the-head knot and wear softer versions with face-framing flyaways. The effect will be a girly look that matches perfectly with soft pink lips (Z Spoke by Zac Posen). You can make a statement and embellish your top knot using different hair accessories (Moschino).

Last summer, braids were everywhere and they seem to make a strong comeback for spring/summer 2013. Braiding your hair allows you to be creative and play with different styles. The hardest thing is to learn how to manage your hair and make more complex braids. If what you need is something more simple and casual, opt for a basic braid that you can make in no time. Disheveled hair was replaced by a more polished look with a healthy, long, shiny braid (Hermès). For a more hippie look, try to make bohemian braided hairstyles as seen at Erdem.

Simple Holiday Hairstyles 2013: The wet effect will be one of the hottest hairstyle trends for spring/summer 2013. Spotted on many fashion runways, slicked hair exudes an interesting combination between masculinity and femininity. The warmer season allows you to use the wet effect in order to create different, stylish hairstyles. You can try a minimalist approach prevailed in the form of sharp partings and tight chignons (Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent), or you can opt for a glassy shine and leave the ends dry and loose (Dries Van Noten). You just need a wide tooth comb and some soft wax or a special hair gel with a dense texture and long-lasting effect. For a more interesting result, leave the marks of the comb visible (Kenzo). As the facial features are fully exposed by a wet look, this hairstyle is not flattering for everyone.